Physician, Know Yourself

Are you adding to your own stress?

Words that cause stressIn our day-to-day lives as student physicians, residents, fellows and fully licensed practicing physicians, several things can add up to give us a less than pleasant day. Demanding patients, unexpected emergencies, backups in the waiting room, medication changes, pharmacy changes, and my favorite thing to dislike, the electronic health record, overwhelm us and add to our feelings of being stressed. Often we feel as if we are simply driftwood tossed randomly in a sea of regulations and compliance stipulations. Maybe not. How much do we actually add to the feeling of being stressed and under pressure?

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Saying No

It's OK to say no

Saying know on lined paper with red pencilAs physicians, we’re all familiar with the saying, “It takes 30 minutes to say no and 30 seconds to say yes.”  The unique demands of this profession – including the value of our time and patient satisfaction measures not always being what is best for the patient – sometimes cause us to fall into the trap of saying the easy yes when we should say the difficult no.

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Something To Look Forward To

Taking time for yourself

Lounge chairs next to a pool on the beachsideWith the demands of practicing medicine coupled with balancing personal responsibilities, how easy it is to get caught up in our obligations and what I call the “have-tos”? No wonder we feel ourselves needing a vacation from it all!

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