Legislative Updates

Written by Legislative Consultant, Bruce Hironimus, Legislative Updates keeps POMA members up-to-date on the latest news in Pennsylvania government and the issues affecting the healthcare profession.

Scope of Practice Issues

POMA Past President and current POMPAC Chairman Dr. George Vermeire, in concert with Legislative Counsel Bruce Hironimus, participated in ongoing lobbying efforts against the expansion of licensure privileges for certified registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Direct communication with more than a dozen key House members were conducted at a recent event supported by POMPAC.

Our direct lobbying efforts will continue during the coming months and be enhanced with a companion public affairs initiative focusing on media outreach efforts. Please continue to express your opposition on these initiatives to elected officials.

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners - 5/24/18

The House Professional Licensure Committee Chairs remain in waiting for a response to their recent informatiom request from the Osteopathic, Medical and Nursing Licensing Boards. 

School safety and redistricting proposals capture the legislative headlines, while behind the scenes, the Pennsylvania General Assembly continues to assemble the details of the upcoming budget for the next fiscal year. Having established a spend number with restoration of several specific line items due to increased revenues and new revenue sources, i.e. sports betting. Optimism abounds in the state capital for a timely budget adoption this year. In fact, it is conceivable that Governor Wolf might actually sign the budget this year having failed to do so in any previous year. 

JUA Fund Transfer Ruled Unconstitutional - 5/18/18

Yesterday’s decision by a federal judge prohibits a $200 million transfer to the Pennsylvania General Fund from a state-created insurance fund. The nonprofit Pennsylvania Professional Liability Joint Underwriting Association (JUA) was created by the General Assembly to provide medical malpractice insurance to Pennsylvania healthcare providers (but receives no money from the state).


Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners HB 100, SB 25 - 4/26/18

While multiple groups rally in Harrisburg for public attention on an annual basis, limited media attention was given to the Association of Certified Nurse Practitioners on their annual lobby day. POMA established our public position in a press release to the media in advance of the CRNP press conference. Nonetheless, the CRNP group continues to actively advocate for legislative action on their bills for independent practice rights.


Workers Compensation Drug Formulary – SB 936 - 4/26/18

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Senate Bill 936 on April 17, 2018. Senate Bill 936 would establish a drug formulary for the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation system through the use of a Utilization Review Organizations (URO); ensuring high quality treatment, fair prices, all without system and drug abuse.

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