Mental Health Task Force Grants

Mental Health Awareness ribbonPOMA’s Mental Health Task Force is committed to encouraging osteopathic family mental health/well-being through focused activities sponsored and supported by POMA and the POMA Foundation. Our goal is to start the conversation and open dialogue regarding personal well-being in all levels of the osteopathic profession from students to attending physicians.

Our first activity is the Mental Health/Wellness Residency Grant Program, which is sponsored by the POMA Foundation. We are pleased to announce nine grant winners for 2017-2018. Each program fulfills the requirement of a facility-supported, resident-led program or project focused on mental health and well-being of the residents. 

Grants Awarded for Residency Mental Health Projects/Programs:

• LECOM Health - Wellness Pilot/4 domains of well-being
• Meadville Medical Center - Resident Retreat
• PCOM Orthopedics - Softball Team
• PCOM Internal Medicine - Bowling Night
• Penn Highlands Healthcare Family Practice - 54321: Training Our Senses to Calm Our Minds
• Suburban Community Hospital - Wellness Garden
• Suburban Community Hospital - Mental Health Lecture Series
• Washington Health System Family Practice - Culinary Medicine
• The Wright Center - Wellness Retreat

At the conclusion of the academic year, we will receive feedback from the program participants, sharing what they learned from the experience and how it impacted the participant individually and the residency collectively. Keep checking back for updates.

 MHTF Grant Program Updates

Penn Highlands Healthcare Family Practice - 54321: Training Our Senses to Calm Our Minds 

Our program, entitled 5-4-3-2-1: Training Our Senses to Calm Our Minds, was a 5-hour event on a Friday afternoon at Quiet Creek Herb Farm and Quiet Creek Herb FarmSchool of Country Living. Quiet Creek is a not-for-profit educational facility dedicated to increasing the public awareness of conservation, ecological thinking and healthful sustainable living, located about 8 miles from the residents' continuity of care clinic ( Working with stewards Clair and Rusty Orner, and Claire's sister, Melora McNutt, a certified yoga instructor, we planned an afternoon of reflection, education and stimulation of the senses allowing residents to experience things they have never encountered before.


Washington Health System Family Practice - Culinary Medicine 

The food we put into our bodies has a huge impact in our overall health. This is why the Washington Health System Family Practice spent an Cooking Classevening learning about culinary medicine and the event was a great success! 

In summary, the evening consisted of a hands-on cooking demo organized by our fantastic chef in the hospital cafeteria that included a salad, vegetarian chili, soup, and dessert, all of which were low in carbohydrates for diabetic patients.  While we enjoyed the food, our wonderful nutritionist provided a discussion on counseling diabetic patients in the clinic during our short office visits.