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POMA’s Committee on Physician Wellness is committed to encouraging osteopathic family mental health/well-being through focused activities sponsored and supported by POMA and the POMA Foundation. Our goal is to start the conversation and open dialogue regarding personal well-being in all levels of the osteopathic profession from students to attending physicians.

Over the last three years, the Committee has sponsored wellness events for residents across the Commonwealth with funding provided by the POMA Foundation.  Grants for the 2019-20 academic year have already been awarded - click here to view this year's recipients.  Project summaries will be published as we receive the recaps. The extension for events to be completed is December 31, 2020.

You may apply for 2020-2021 Grant Funding using the link below.

Timeline Activities:
Submit Grant Proposal Due - November 30, 2020
Expect Grant Notification - February/March
Program/Project Time Frame - through June 30, 2021
Results/Outcome Report and Survey Responses - Not less than two (2) weeks following program completion.

Recaps of the Resident Wellness Events completed in the 2018-19 academic year are showcased below.

Academic Year 2018-19 Wellness Event Summaries

PCOM Internal Medicine Residency – 2020

The Penn Highlands Family Medicine Residents are very thankful for Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association’s support towards resident wellness this year amidst the COVID-19 crisis. While our original plans of professional painting classes and lakeside activities were cancelled due to COVID-19 and stormy weather respectively, we were able to find a safe and fun way to promote stress relief, bonding, and wellness. In addition to promoting healthy eating and team bonding skills, this year our objectives included promoting local businesses. We invited POMA board members to join the activities as well.


PCOM Internal Medicine Residency – March 7, 2020

The PCOM Internal Medicine residency wellness retreat program involved a night of volunteering in the MANNA organization helping to prepare fresh meals for people in need in Philadelphia on March 7, 2020. Following our time at MANNA, we enjoyed a dinner together, relaxed and discussed ways to manage stress and promote well-being.


Meadville Medical Center Family Medicine Residency – March 4, 2020

Meadville Medical Center Family Medicine Residency’s Resident Retreat: Winter Blues Buster 

- Breakfast at the Market House Grille, Meadville, PA
- Ascend rock wall climbing, Pittsburgh, PA
- Lunch at The Colombian Spot, Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA


Clarion Hospital Event – February 22, 2020

What was the general understanding of the purpose of the project/program by participants?
Participants understood the purpose of the project was to improve interpersonal relationships amongst residents to create an environment that encourages wellness through trust and reliance upon one another so we may reach out to each other if we feel we need help.


UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency – February 19, 2020

Each Wednesday afternoon, our residency program has protected didactic lecture time and ten times per year we focus on Wellbeing. On February 19, 2020 we focused on healthy eating. This included a presentation by PGY1 Suzanne Whittemore and attending Dr. Rowena Pingul-Ravano on meal preparation with an emphasis on whole food, plant-based diets. Patient centered information including reduction in heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Resident centered information including quick and easy recipes and meal preparation suggestions were provided as well.

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