Student Scholarships

Interested and eligible applicants are encouraged to apply for a Grilli Scholarship or a General Scholarship. Funds are made available through the POMA Foundation and are granted once a year with decisions made in August and September.  Please contact Tammy Keller, POMA Administration, for more information or to ask for additional details - (717) 939-9318 x130 or e-mail [email protected].

Grilli Scholarship

Created to honor Alfred A. Grilli, D.O., a distinguished member of POMA who served in a number of key leadership roles, scholarships are available to individuals who resided in Western Pennsylvania prior to entering an AOA-approved College of Osteopathic Medicine. Further, the applicant must be entering the last year of their education in a College of Osteopathic Medicine and intend to practice in Pennsylvania. Application materials can be accessed online here or downloaded at here.

General Scholarship

Interested and eligible applicants are encouraged to apply for the General Scholarship. Scholarships are available to individuals who resided in Pennsylvania prior to entering an AOA approved College of Osteopathic Medicine. Further the applicant must be entering their third or fourth year of their education in a U.S. based college of osteopathic medicine and intend to practice in Pennsylvania .Application materials can be accessed online here or downloaded at here.