District 5 Recap - December 5, 2019

On December 5, POMA District 5 held a reception for two state elected officials in York, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York) and Pennsylvania State Representative Keith Gillespie (R-York) mingled with the physicians in attendance, provided a legislative update and answered physician questions. The event was not a political fundraiser and POMPAC was not involved. It was a successful educational event for POMA members, providing them with the oppor­tunity to meet with their locally elected state legislators in the effort to build on POMA's grassroots advocacy!

State Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill outlined her opposition to Senate Bill 25. In June 2019, Sen. Phillips-Hill was one of only 6 negative votes on Senate Bill 25. POMA members in attendance gave her a round of applause for her efforts! She also provided an up­date of legislation of which she is the prime sponsor and due to be introduced in the near future, that would streamline and standardize the preauthorization process for physicians and patients. Sen. Phillips-Hill described the time and frustration necessary for osteopathic physicians to deal with these requests and she wants to ensure there is more transparency in the process. Again, she was met with applause from the POMA members.

State Representative Keith Gillespie described his healthcare background as a hospital paramedic which provided him the opportunity to form many relationships with POMA members over the years. Rep. Gillepsie serves on the very impor­tant House Professional Licensure Committee, the committee where all scope of prac­tice bills must go before they can be voted by the full House. Rep. Gillespie shared with the gathering that he spoke with the Chairman of the House Professional Licensure Committee that day and provided an update on where things stand on Senate Bill 25, which again, POMA opposes.

After both state legislators spoke, attendees were able to ask questions on multiple subjects, and both legislators were gracious with their time and honest answers. Thanks to the efforts of the leadership of POMA District 5 Chair Carol St. George, DO, POMA can build on this model with other districts so POMA members can develop new, and enhance existing, relationships with their members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly!