Please sign up by March 16, "Every Thing You DO is Right Day"

POMA provides COMMUNICATION to our members, to our patients, to our legislators, and to the public!
POMA provides a COMMUNITY to our members so we can be the best osteopathic physicians possible!
POMA provides EDUCATION to our members so we can provide the best care possible to our patients!
POMA provides INFLUENCE to those who can help us to serve our patients best!

POMA is our professional organization in Pennsylvania that serves us as osteopathic physicians. Now is our opportunity to serve POMA, our members and colleagues, and our patients.

Our members are the motivation behind everything that POMA does. Every committee, task force, and work group within the organization is led by and driven by POMA members. And we need our members to continue that tradition by volunteering their time, talent, and expertise to these groups.

Please look through the opportunities to serve. These range from technology to political advocacy, writing articles to presenting CME, and everything in between. We all have unique talents and this is our chance to share them with the organization that serves us. Learn more about the volunteer experience by listening to our most recent podcast episode, You DO Make a Difference!

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I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and sign up by March 16, and I look forward to working with you in your new role in POMA in the year to come!


Lisa A. Witherite-Rieg, DO

POMA President-elect


Committees, Task Forces and Work Groups

POMA recently centralized the majority of its energy into the following committees, task forces and work groups by pillars:

Pillar Champion - Joseph Zawisza, DO, Immediate Past President

Pillar Champion - John Kalata, DO, President-elect

Pillar Champion - Lisa Witherite-Rieg, DO, President

Pillar Champion - William Swallow, DO, Vice President

Pillar Champion - Eric Milie, DO, Secretary/Treasurer