Postgraduate Outreach and Engagement

Postgraduate training is a fundamental part of becoming a fully licensed osteopathic physician. This is the time to implement your full-body, hands-on approach to patient care and hone in your diagnostic abilities. It's the time to discern board certification - to be osteopathically boarded, allopathic boarded, or dually boarded. And it's the time to determine where you want to practice, both location and practice type. It's a lot to navigate, but POMA is here to support you!

Resident BrochurePOMA is your osteopathic home! We provide resources for mentorship, leadership and scholarly activity. We offer grants and scholarships to support you financially. We provide tools to support your research and well-being. We work to ensure osteopathic medical students have access to ACGME residency programs with osteopathic recognition and that osteopathic residents have access to education in osteopathic principles and practice. We have a good working relationship with the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine and will assist and advocate for our members with licensing concerns. POMA is committed to bolstering osteopathic medicine in Harrisburg and throughout the Commonwealth. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with everything that POMA does for our residents.

Your active involvement in POMA is an investment in yourself, your profession and your future. Join today - annual membership dues are just $50!