Wellness Grants


POMA is committed to creating and providing opportunities for open dialogue around health and personal well-being across the osteopathic profession. Specifically for residents, we promote well-being through focused activities sponsored by POMA and financially supported by the POMA Foundation.

Over the last five years, $32,500 has been awarded to 66 residency programs in Pennsylvania. Residents have planned paint nights, escape rooms, garden projects, obstacle courses, cultural celebrations and arcade fun. Project summaries are provided below.  

Our next cycle of resident wellness grant funding is now open! Apply online or download the paper application and submit by November 15, 2023 to get your wellness activity funded!

Timeline Activities:
Grant Applications Open - October 1, 2023
Grant Proposals Due - November 15, 2023
Grant Notification - December 2023
Program/Project Time Frame - January 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024
Results/Outcome Report and Survey Responses - Not less than two (2) weeks following program completion.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • POMA Membership Requirement: Programs require at least 25% osteopathic residents and at least 1 resident in the program is a POMA member.
  • No alcohol-related activities or high-risk activities will be approved. Examples of high-risk programs include but are not limited to Axe Throwing, Shooting Ranges, Whitewater Rafting, etc. We encourage you to inquire if you have questions.
  • Support of the program director and facility for ongoing conversation following the completion of the granted project or program. 
  • The grant does not allow for overhead /facilities and administrative (F&A) costs, nor should the funds be used for overhead/F&A costs. 
  • Completion/Outcomes report on time. Failure to complete result/outcome report will prohibit eligibility for following year.
  • Grant approval is based on the activity submitted. Any modifications to the activity after approval is required to be reviewed and approved by POMA prior to the event being held.
  • To encourage collegiality with POMA and the POMA Foundation, POMA/POMAF representatives may attend your activity to demonstrate support for your program.
  • POMA is not liable for any loss or risk associated with the activity.
  • The Grants are $500

Recaps of the Resident Wellness Events completed from the 2018 - 2023 academic years are showcased below.

Academic Year 2022-2023 Resident Wellness Event Summaries

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh  - Pediatric Residency  - Skating Party January 2024



 Clarion Hospital Family Medicine - Hospital Wellness Day  2023




UMPC Harrisburg - Emergency Medicine Residents - Trip Down the River - June 23, 2023

What Happens on the Boat, Stays on the Boat.

UPMC Emergency Medicine Residents gathered on the Pride of the Susquehanna to celebrate ...



Guthrie Robert Packer - Pulmonary Residency - Museum of Glass - 06.17.23

The project was viewed by the participants as an opportunity to implement techniques to help manage stress and utilize art to further improve mood prior to the onset of burnout. The area of pulmonary and critical care medicine has a relatively high burnout rate. There is some research that suggests that once a burnout has been detected it is too late and that may never truly recover....



Lehigh Valley Health Network Emergency Medicine Residency - Ropes Course - 06.07.23

As EM residents, we often feel separate from the rest of the residency programs within our hospital, just given the location of our department, and given the size of our residency have some difficulty bringing everyone together, so we were interested in having an event together for team building and community enriching events. We are embedded in a brand new...... 


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