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POMA Policy

POMA establishes policy statements on a variety of health care topics impacting physicians and patients. Proposed policy statements only become official POMA policy statements after approval by the POMA House of Delegates (HOD). Between House of Delegates meetings, the POMA Board of Trustees makes policy decisions which are then presented HOD for final ratification. POMA's Policy Compendium contains positions from 2004-present.


POMA Public Policy Platform 2021-2022

POMA has established a public policy platform document to guide legislators and the public on POMA'S priorities for the current two-year legislative session. statements on a variety of health care topics impacting physicians and patients. The document first explains what DOs are, and what they do, to provide quality physician care throughout the Commonwealth. It then makes the nexus between DO wellness being corollary to better patient access and quality care.  Finally, the policy guide references POMAs partnership with state legislators and breaks down POMA’s advocacy issues into five general categories with specific support and opposition positions under each heading.  The general categories include: COVID-19, Scope of Practice, DO Bureaucratic Practice Relief, Liability and Economic Protections for DOs and Public Health.