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The Advocates are diverse in membership and tied together with the purpose of promoting osteopathic medicine to the public and strengthening the osteopathic family. We reach out to physicians (active and retired), spouses/significant others, widows, family members, friends and supporters of osteopathic medicine to support and promote the osteopathic profession, learn about issues facing the osteopath in your life and build a network of people sharing similar concerns and life experiences.

2020-2022 Officers

President: Lori Hildebrand
Vice President: Kristina Eisenhardt
Secretary: Linda Schecter
Treasurer: Caryn Helhowski
Director: Lorna Tabby
Director: Elizabeth Swallow
Immediate Past President: Sally Ann Rex, DO

Caryn Helhowski, President, Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association was featured by the AOA! Congrats!! Click here to view the very first edition of the American Osteopathic Association Affiliate Spotlight!

UPCOMING MEETING: February 13, 2021

The Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association held their annual House of Delegate meeting virtually on October 18, 2020. At that time APOMA members Caryn Tabby was installed as the 2020-2021 AAOA President, Lori Hildebrand was installed as Vice President, and Kristina Eisenhardt was installed as a Director.  

Congratulations to our APOMA members.


 President                    Vice President                            Director    


MAY 1, 2020

Thank you to those who joined us on May 1 Zoom Call.  Below please see picture of those that were in attendance and 2020-2022 officers (top-Kristina Eisenhardt, VP/President-Elect; Caryn Helhowski, Treasurer; Elizabeth Swallow, Director; 2nd row- Lori Hildebrand, President; Sally Ann Rex, DO, Immediate Past President; Lorna Tabby, Director; Linda Schecter, Secretary; 3rd row- Angela Kalcec, President AAOA; Diana Ewert, MPA, CAE, POMA Chief Staff Officer; Gene Battistella, DO, POMA President)

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Mission Statement

The Advocates for the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association (APOMA) shall promote and support the osteopathic profession through education, osteopathic profession through education, advocacy and collaboration.  In furtherance of its mission, APOMA shall: (i) promote and support public health and educational activities of the osteopathic profession; (ii) render service in national, state and community health endeavors; (iii) function as an affiliate of the Adovcates for the American Osteopathic Association ("AAOA"); and (iv) assist and work with POMA in achieving their charitable objectives.  APOMA is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code").  The assets of APOMA are to be used to the attainment of its purposes as set forth in this Section 1.2 and shall not inure to the benefit of any person or organization.

The Advocates for the POMA are diverse in membership and tied together with the purpose of promoting osteopathic medicine to the public and strengthening the osteopathic family. We are reaching out to physicians, active and retired, spouses and significant others, widows, family members and friends, and anyone interested in promoting osteopathic medicine.

Any questions please contact: Lori HIldebrand, APOMA President at