POMA and POFPS are now accepting presentation proposals

POMA and POFPS are looking for presenters willing to share their expertise and enhance professional growth in the osteopathic medical field. We are searching for presentations to address topics/discussion that would attract dedicated osteopathic and allopathic professionals committed to enhancing patient care and medical practice management through the continuing education process.

Presenter Benefits
● Visibility, recognition and credibility within the industry.
● Participating in the growth of your profession and the DO community.
● New networking opportunities.
● Presenters receive one additional credit as a presenter. If your session is worth one CME hour you receive two.

Opportunities are available at:
District VIII - Winter Seminar (Jan)
POMA Clinical Assembly (Apr-May)
POFPS Annual CME Symposium (Aug)
District Meetings 

2. POMA and or POFPS reserves the right to withdraw a speaking opportunity to a speaker for failure to follow the policies outlined.
3. Speakers who are selected must submit session handouts (PDF) by the deadline.
4. An LCD projector, laptop, screen, wireless microphone and sound system will be provided in each session room. Additional audio-visual requirements must be submitted via the submission form for consideration. REQUESTS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY POMA and or POFPS
5. POMA and or POFPS reserves the right to select any, or none, of the submissions it receives. A proposal may be outstanding but inconsistent with the program committee goals and objectives duplicate another session, etc.
6. POMA and or POFPS reserves the right to change the agenda — including but not limited to the amount of time allotted to the speaker.
7. Travel, accommodations and meal expenses are the responsibility of any/all presenters.
8. If a submitters employment changes, they must notify POMA and or POFPS of the change immediately in writing.
Email notices to Brenda Dill, at [email protected] POMA and or POFPS reserves the right to re-evaluate any submission based upon a change of employment.