August 29, 2018
Originally published in the Republican-Herald

Put Patients First

by: Joseph M.P. Zawisza, DO

After 10 years in practice as an osteopathic physician, not a day goes by when I am not reminded of why I chose to pursue a career in osteopathic medicine. First, there’s my DNA: My father and sister are both doctors of osteopathic medicine (as is my wife), so clearly, there is a larger force at work here. Second, it is the time that I spend getting to know my patients and their families. When I say that I am “seeing” patients, I mean it. I am seeing real people.

I was trained to think about patient care holistically. We treat the whole patient, not a symptom. We invest the time and energy necessary to get to know our patients and how they work, live and play. This approach is needed in Harrisburg, where our lawmakers are debating legislation that I am convinced will jeopardize patient safety.

Several bills have been introduced to dramatically expand the scope of practice for physician assistants and certified registered nurse practitioners — without requiring that these professionals receive the same education and training as physicians.

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