September 5, 2018
Originally published in the Allentown Morning Call.

Pa. lawmakers should reject proposals to change nurse practitioner requirements

by: Sally Ann Rex, DO

As a family physician with close to 50 years in practice, I am writing to alert your readers about proposed legislation in Harrisburg that I believe could put Pennsylvania’s patients in jeopardy.

Several bills have been introduced in Harrisburg that would essentially provide a shortcut for thousands of nurses and physician assistants by allowing them to work as physicians — without the education or training required.

House Bill 100 and Senate Bill 25 would permit certified registered nurse practitioners to practice medicine without physician supervision by eliminating the collaborative practice agreement after three years of physician supervision.

Under these bills, certified registered nurse practitioners would have the authority to independently prescribe drugs, including controlled substances, without any oversight or guidance from a physician. In addition, certified registered nurse practitioners would act as primary care providers under state health insurance plans.

Pennsylvanians deserve better, and I am urging lawmakers to reject these risky proposals. Becoming a physician is hard work — and it should be.

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