District 2 Recap - October 23, 2019

District 2 October 2019 Event

It was a new venue bringing new energy and new conversation. District 2 physicians gathered at LaFava Restaurant in Glen Mills for comradery, learning, and conversation with POMA leadership. Mehul Shah, MD opened the evening with an insightful discussion on new treatment of venous insufficiency. Vein stripping is no longer a leading treatment. Noninvasive, day in, day out treatments are extremely effective.

Pamela Goldman, DO, POMA president, and Christopher Davis, DO, district 2 chair, then led a lively discussion around numerous POMA topics and issues. The physicians were updated and provided feedback and real-life insight on the advocacy topics such as the CNRP Bill, updates from the State Osteopathic Board, and the modifications to the residency programs. Dr. Davis and Dr. Goldman will take information back to inform POMA leadership as a whole.

The district leadership is starting to organize upcoming events, that will be sponsored by POMA, not pharma. Leadership is looking at social events and local CME events. Leadership will organize a speaker and be able to award CME to the POMA members.  If you are interested in presenting, contact Jason Leeper at [email protected]. More information will be coming soon.