Walk with a Doc

On Saturday, June 10, Darlene Dunay, DO, District 4 chair, exercised with a purpose. She is a regular runner and jogger, but that day she slowed down for a good reason. Even with the smokey air from the Canadian wildfires, Dr. Dunay helped lead Walk with a Doc – Scranton.

Walk with a Doc in a national program that was started to “encourage physical activity and reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.” While that is still 100% true, physicians have found that the simple act of taking a walk together has the power to transform lives and communities around the world. When physicians walk together with patients, each step can bring us closer to truly understanding and appreciating each other as a global community.

Today, Walk with a Doc is inspiring communities through movement and conversation. Walk with a Doc believes that diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice are integral to our mission and they are committed to prioritizing these principles in all of the work we do.

The walks help bring patients and physicians together and break down the walls that stop patients from pushing forward. Not only did Dr. Dunay walk, she provided education on exercise and nutrition to improve the general health of her community.  Thank you Dr. Dunay for being a DO DO’ing More.