POMA District 1

District 1 represents Philadelphia county. 


District 1 Officers
Chairman George L. Weber,  D.O., Philadelphia
Secretary/Treasurer Carla S. Cuoci-Malin, D.O., Philadelphia
Trustee Herbert M. Schecter, D.O., Philadelphia 


District Events

The District Dish

Miss a meeting? Find out what happened in the District Dish Recaps. 

District 1 Recap - December 12, 2018

Hypoglycemia is a danger when someone is on insulin. It can come on quickly and unexpectedly.  Feeling shaky, chills and confusion are just a few possible signs.  Symptoms may appear differently every time.  As a physician, you are attempting to educate and assist your patients about this possible danger and prevent it from happening.


District 1 Recap - February 21, 2018

District 1 meeting

POMA district 1 members met on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at Randi’s Restaurant on the northeast side of Philadelphia. The group enjoyed a very interactive lecture highlighting new anticoagulant medications by Michael Attanasio, DO.